Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Habit of Seeing

NAS 3rd Year Photographic Exhibition
Dates: 1 -30 OCT
Opening Night: Thursday 8th Oct 6-8pm.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Honours Painting 2015

Dates: 7 -25 September
Opening Night: Tues 8th September 6-8pm.

The Library Stairwell Gallery is now calling for exhibition proposals for first semester 2016!

The Library Stairwell Gallery is now calling for exhibition proposals for first semester 2016!

If you are currently in 2nd, 3rd or Honours BFA or the Masters of Fine Art, you are eligible to apply for an exhibition. Preference is given to small group shows, but individual shows will also be considered.

Library Stairwell Gallery proposal application forms for 2016 are available at the library desk. Applications will close on 30 October 2015.

Monday, August 17, 2015


3rd Year Sculpture Students  Studio Show

Dates: 17th Aug - 4th Sept 2015

Opening Night: Tuesday 18th August 6-8pm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tools and Containers

Tools and Containers: a ceramics studio exhibition

Dates: 27th July - 14th August 2015

Opening Night: Tuesday 28th July 6-8pm.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

THE PADDOCK: Looking Back at the Field

Dates : 24th June - 24th July
Opening Night: Thursday 16th June 6-8pm.
Artists: Tania Alexander, Oliver Wagner, Natalia Dzwigala, Annalies Jahn, Lisa Sharp, Bianca Burns, Michelle Le Dain, Caroline McGregor, Anya Pesce, Laura Sutton, Samantha Stephenson, Lisa Tolcher, Suzi Zglinicki.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ground Cover

Ground Floor: Work by NAS 3rd Year Printmaking students.
First Floor: The 20x20 printmaking collaboration includes work from Uni of Southern Qld, RMIT, NAS and Curtin Uni.

Dates: 1st Jun - 19th Jun 2015
Opening Night: Wednesday 3rd June 6-8pm.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Parts In Pieces

Dates: 18th May - 29th May
Opening: Wednesday 20th May 6-8pm.
Artists: Anke Klevjer, Alexandra Taylor, Chrystal Rimmer, 
Rachael Sawyer and Selina Haefeli

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Most Alluring Clouds That Mount The Sky

"In this collaborative exhibition, painters and ceramicists will unite in their celebration of the process, diversity and dynamism of the natural world and it's many landscapes."

Dates: 27th April - 15th May
Opening Night: Tuesday 28th April 6-8pm.
Artists: Machiko Motoi, Hannah Graney, Ilya Mirzaeva, 
Fiona Ryan, Evie Core, Finn Lea, Sam Massey and Danielle Tooley.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Honours Drawing Show - LABCFi

'Long ambiguous butt cheese fusion, infinite horse festival explorations, detached head of a pink marsupial. (origins: Bangladesh)’ is a Library Stairwell Gallery exhibition showcasing the collaborative efforts of five Drawing Honours students: Jamie Bastoli, Jake Blaschka, Robin Hearfield, Alex Karaconji, and Simon Wheeldon. Like Captain Janeway from the lesser-known Star Trek franchise, Voyager, these five artists have managed to explore the lawless yet profoundly beautiful multiverse of collaborative art-making.

DATES: 30/3 - 23/4
OPENING NIGHT: Tues 30/3 6-8pm.
ARTISTS:  Jamie Bastoli, Jake Blaschka, Robin Hearfield, Alex Karaconji, and Simon Wheeldon.

Monday, March 09, 2015


Current honours student's exhibition

Dates: 9 - 27 March
Opening Night: Tuesday 10th March 6-8pm.
Artists: Sasha White, Jo Meisner, Alex Karaconji, Oliver Wagner, Lauren Greenhalgh and Annelies Jahn

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Flashes From the Axis

This is the first "Library Stairwell Gallery" exhibition for 2015.

Dates: 16/2/2015 - 6/3/2015
Opening Night: Thursday 26/2/2015 6-8pm.
Artists: Claudia Carroll, Lillian Morrissey, Amelia Fell, Gidon Sack, Sarah Enright, Angus Callander, Lilli Stromland

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Schedule of the Exhibitions in 2015

Semester 1, 2015

Show 1: “Flashes From the Axis” 
16 Feb – 6 Mar 2014

Artists: Sarah Enright, Angus Callander, Amelia Fells, Lily Morrissey, Lilli Stromland, Gidon Sack, Claudia Carroll.

Show 2: "Postcode"
9 March – 27 March

Artists: Lauren Greenhalgh, Annelies Jahn, Olver Wagner, Jo Meisner, Sasha White, Alex Karaconji

Show 3: Drawing group show 
30 March – 23 April

Artists: Drawing students from NAS

Show 4: “The Most Alluring Clouds That Mount the Sky”
27 April –15 May

Artists: Evie Core, Machiko Motoi, Finn Lea, Fiona Ryan, Sam Massey, Hannah Graney

Show 5: “In Parts, In Pieces”
18  May – 29  May

Artists: Rachel Harrex, Chrystal Rimmer, Anke Klevjer, Selina Haefeli, Alexandra Taylor

Show 6: Printmaking Studio Show and "20 x 20"
1 June – 19 June

Artists: Including artists from NAS, Curtin Uni, RMIT, Uni of Southern QLD, Uni of Tasmania.

Show 7: “The View From the Paddock Looking Back at the Field”
23 June – 24 July

Artists: Tania Alexander, Bianca Burns, Natalia Dzwigala, Hannah Graney, Annalies Jahn, Michele Le Dain, Anya Pesce, Lisa Sharp, Samantha Stephenson, Laura Sutton, Lisa Tolcher, Jannah Quill, Suzi Zglinicki

Semester 2, 2015

Show 8: Ceramics Studio Show
27 July –14 August

Show 9:Sculpture Studio Show
17 August – 4 September

Show 10: Painting Studio Show
7 September – 29 September

Show 11: Photography Studio Show
30 September  – 30 October