Thursday, February 16, 2012


Title: Manifesto
Artists: Megan Dawes, Meredith Birrell, Nicola Hill, June Sartracom, Michelle Bagby Olsen
Dates: 20th Feb - 9th Mar 2012
Opening night: Wednesday 29th Feb 6-8pm.

"What it means to be, perceive and interact with other people depends, in part, on how each of us understands one another's maleness or femaleness. Language cleaves the world into binaries and the male/female dichotomy significantly informs our understanding of the world. This particular ‘manifesto’ adopts an ambiguous stance to the notion of gender and identity.By adopting male pseudonyms, these five women artists have explored their own duality by opening up the concept of a gendered identity. In confronting their own limits and assumptions about being a female or a male artist, they question the aesthetic hierarchies that still inform the production and consumption of art. Post-structuralism mainstreamed the idea of gender as a social construct. This exhibition seeks to investigate the state of affairs of gender and sexuality now. Artists such as Miriam Schapiro, Vivienne Joyce Binns, Judy Chicago, Julie Rrap and Louise Bourgeois have all stirred the pot of gender politics. ese five artists now toss their grey matter into the murky mix."