Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tammy Castles: Memory Bindle & Jennifer Mullen: Of Life and Flesh

Tammy Castles: Memory Bindle & Jennifer Mullen: Of Life and Flesh
30 March - 8 April 2009

Opening night event: Thursday 2 April 2009: 6-8 pm

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nicholas Jameson: Away Home

Images from the series Relative Existence, these photographs explore the relationship of humans with their built environments. The starting point for this body of work being the alienation experienced within a highly populated metropolitan area; examined throughout the arts since the birth of modernization. Visual metaphor and symbolism play a key role in this series of images that take on a quasi esoteric suggestiveness. Such as in Away Home.

Nicholas Jameson: Away Home
Library Stairwell Gallery Level 1
16 - 27 March 2009
Opening event in conjunction with Wendy Edwards: Oblivious/ Oblivion
Tuesday 17 March 2009: 6-8pm

Wendy Edwards: Oblivious/Oblivion

Oblivious/Oblivion is inspired by the Australian bush and these cut paper drawings are the intermediate stage between "plein air" drawings and my sculptures and installations.

I am currently focusing on the elements of earth, wind and fire and here I'm referencing bushfires and the role they play in the Australian landscape.

While the first of my drawings, 'In the Park' was made in early January 2009, the work was quickly overtaken by the overwhelming nature and tragedy of the Victorian bushfires in February. The result was that, while I continued with my minimalist response to the landscape, attempting to represent it's essence by a line or simple shape, I felt it was important in this instance, to incorporate colour to represent the power and threat of these fires.

From simple beginnings, the elements in my works seem to take on their own order or relationships as I "play" with them. The repetitive nature of this "play" also produces for me, a meditative quality that is combined with the excitement, power and terror of a bushfire.

Wendy Edwards:Oblivious/Oblivion
Library Stairwell Gallery Ground Floor
16 - 17 March 2009

Opening event in conjunction with Nicholas Jameson: Away Home
Tuesday 17 March 2009: 6-8pm