Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whats on in the LSG Semester 2, 2008

VII: Painting honours
21-31 July
Gallery Event : Tuesday 29th July 6-8pm

Dirty Plates: 3rd year Printmaking
4-14 Aug
Gallery Event : Tuesday 5th Aug 6-8pm

Drawing as Language: 2nd year Painting
18-28 Aug
Gallery Event : Thursday 21st August 6-8pm

All in due course: 3rd year Painting
1-11 Sep

This is not a Love Story: 3rd Year Ceramics
15 Sep-16 Oct
Gallery Event : Thursday 18th September 6-8pm

Landscape and surface: 3rd year Painting
20-30 Oct
Gallery Event : Tuesday 21st October 6-8pm

Face-off/Private Idaho: Hon Printmaking/ 2nd Yr
3-13 Nov
Gallery Event : Tuesday 4th November 6-8pm

Revealing what surrounds: 3rd year multidiscipline show
17 Nov - Semester 1 2009

Thursday, June 12, 2008