Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Putting it out there: play, sketches and works in progress

Honours Sculpture in the Library Stairwell Gallery
24 May – 12 June

Hildreth Potts
Gini Vecerina
Tanya Zhivanovich

Monday, May 05, 2008

Julie McConaghy

Playing with Water
10-22 May 2008

The works in this exhibition reflect a year long visual exploration of water.

Water: it is colorless and both transparent and opaque; it reflects the colors of the things around it. When it is opaque, it is at its most reflective. It is also shapeless, molding itself to the shape of the things it comes into contact with.

Water: it is almost endlessly in motion, changing color and shape almost continuously. Looking at a large body of water, like the sea, is like looking at a solid, mobile, color changing mass. Being in water, in the sea, is to feel the motion, the energy, of the sea. It is an immersion into that energy.

Some of the works in this exhibition were made using ink wash on paper, some were made using oil on paper, and some were made using oil mixed with pigment and acrylic binder on canvas.

There is a way in which the action of applying a wash or paint to a support is like the experience of swimming in water. There is a physical effort required like the effort needed to stay afloat in water. The greater the movement in the water, the greater the effort required to stay afloat. Applying a wash to paper is like the fluid, rhythmic movement of swimming in a lap pool; applying oil paint to canvas, especially a large one, is like being in strong surf.