Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Axelsen Wood Oram

24 Sep-19 Oct 07

heidi axelsen
purdie wood
melita oram

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Kristin Rymoen Ellstrom

Unknown Terrain
10-21 September 2007

"A feel of perceptual freefall before recognition; before words and labeling, before control and predictability takes place. Not able to express myself in words, or extract much meaning of others... my first time in Australia was an experience of acute seeing!"

Piloting from Sydney to Darwin in 2006 Kristins eyes devoured the intriguing contours and turns in nature, at first through maps and later via an aerial view. An utterly fascinating experience: curved strata representing millions of years of geologic transformation, and small, staight lines representing the determined hand of man.

Her unique experiences of a new, thoroughly unknown terrain have
inspired this installation.

Kristin Rymoen Ellstrom is a third year National Art School student, pilot, Norwegian, Swedish & increasingly something else.