Monday, August 27, 2007

Library Stairwell Gallery : submissions for 2008

The LSG is calling for Submissions for Semester 1 2008.

The LSG Committee will be considering proposals soon after the October break, so time is of the essence! See Library staff for details and proposal packages.

Maran Clark | Amanda Coulston

Intimate Line - Intimate Space
27 Aug - 7 Sep

Intimate Line

In this drawing project I am investigating line as a record of the act of concentration.

These lines do not describe anything that can be seen in the world; as I draw them they track my state of mind as it shifts between “concentrating” and “not concentrating”.
I use a straight-edge, which suits my desire for order and talent for creating methodical analyses. Using a straight-edge also removes the requirement of making decisions about the path the line could/should/would take. All there is to concentrate on is the touch of the drawing material, the beginning and ending point of each line, and the spacing between lines – in these activities the concentration task is to achieve consistency in the estimated location and the execution of each line.

At the end, the drawing is a visible record of my humanity- my projection of a desired (ideal) outcome and the impossibility of executing it perfectly.

Intimate Space

‘Space’ is an abstract, disconnected, ‘scientific’ way of thinking about the urban environment.

This vision of the city is illustrated by diagrams showing functional zoning, or traffic flows, or the incidence of crime. The spatial arrangement of the city is manipulated to achieve particular economic or social ends.

This pictorial investigation of space is looking at the intimate in the built/constructed environment, the ‘personalised’ space. This work uses space that both surrounds and is contained by the skeletal structure of the body to examine the relationship between the ideas of the intimate and the constructed space.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007