Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Keith Climpson

Colour and light

This exhibition represents my artistic journey over the period of one year (2006).

In selecting the works for this show, my intention was not necessarily to put together a coherent body of work, but more to demonstrate the range of possibilities and ideas an artist can discover by working within a restricted set of parameters.
My year began with a desire to investigate ideas of surface and the issue of painting vs object, but soon I found myself floundering under a sea of too much paint, too much colour and too many materials. So I made a decision to discard paint and colour altogether and to restrict myself to a limited range of materials.
By taking this step and by initially only using traditional hand-made gesso on wood, I began to produce works that, upon first glance appeared quite simple. Soon though, they began to force me to address other important questions and issues that I had previously over-looked. I began to consider in more depth; light, reflection, dimensions, how the paintings/objects were positioned or attached, how they talked to each other, surface, time, space, weight, evidence of the artists hand and many other important, yet previously unconsidered, elements.
After many months of working within these parameters, I slowly began to reintroduce colour into my work and also to experiment with other materials such as acetate, paper and spray enamel. The difference being that I was working in a much more controlled, refined and considered manner, using the knowledge and awareness of the previous few months. The resulting works, whilst different in many ways, were now effectively and more importantly ‘speaking the same language’. It is some of these works I have chosen to exhibit here.