Friday, February 16, 2007

Looking for line

Kate Butcher & Susie Williams
19 February – 9 March 07

In Looking for Line, the artists’ works explore perception of form through line. The concept connects the subjects of landscape, figure and still life, incorporating disciplines of sculpture, painting and the drawn image.
“For us, this exhibition is an opportunity to contemplate our works from the past two years study; reflect on our interests and pose further questions for our continuing involvement in the visual arts.”
Kate Butcher utilises drawing, sculpture and mixed media to reveal the specific relationships between selected media but more importantly the artist and curator. The selection of work is not simply restricted to a date of production or type of media. Kate has selected works based on line, exploring the act of drawing and the art of seeing.
Susie Williams work records a drawn response to human form as it occupies space, using line and mark to deconstruct form into rhythmic elements of composure and movement. These studies aim to expose the form as it undertakes sharp or soft action, tension, twist and poise.

Shots from the exhibition opening: