Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Erez Ben-Or

The Lovers

The Lovers series explores relationships both human and formal. Each individual image is a portrait of friends who are also lovers. In total I have captured four couples in a lyrical almost absurdist manner. Through the depiction of each couple in a playful dalliance, dynamics are revealed that provide insight into the workings or mechanics of the relationship.

Throughout the image making process I have been preoccupied with representation of space in an effort to contain a dynamic relationship. Throughout this process the manipulation of space common in the work of artist Francis Bacon has been an influential focus.

Similarly, The Lovers explores the notion of space as an arena to contain the interaction between the figures. The series separates this space from the undefined area of the image, moreover from the continuity of the real world. This in effect prevents the images from retaining the atmosphere of the external world and works to isolate the relationships and instill them with their own logic, rules and possibilities.

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Behold! A sign!

With our spanking new sign, the LSG is ripe and ready for 2008.

Remember, we schedule a semester ahead.

Semester 1 2008 is solidly booked (stay tuned for calendar of events), so start thinking now about how you could wow the LSG committee for semester 2.

Friday, October 19, 2007

James Shirlaw : Knightstale

23 October 2007 5.30pm

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Axelsen Wood Oram

24 Sep-19 Oct 07

heidi axelsen
purdie wood
melita oram

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uchi lounge

Monday, September 10, 2007

Kristin Rymoen Ellstrom

Unknown Terrain
10-21 September 2007

"A feel of perceptual freefall before recognition; before words and labeling, before control and predictability takes place. Not able to express myself in words, or extract much meaning of others... my first time in Australia was an experience of acute seeing!"

Piloting from Sydney to Darwin in 2006 Kristins eyes devoured the intriguing contours and turns in nature, at first through maps and later via an aerial view. An utterly fascinating experience: curved strata representing millions of years of geologic transformation, and small, staight lines representing the determined hand of man.

Her unique experiences of a new, thoroughly unknown terrain have
inspired this installation.

Kristin Rymoen Ellstrom is a third year National Art School student, pilot, Norwegian, Swedish & increasingly something else.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Library Stairwell Gallery : submissions for 2008

The LSG is calling for Submissions for Semester 1 2008.

The LSG Committee will be considering proposals soon after the October break, so time is of the essence! See Library staff for details and proposal packages.

Maran Clark | Amanda Coulston

Intimate Line - Intimate Space
27 Aug - 7 Sep

Intimate Line

In this drawing project I am investigating line as a record of the act of concentration.

These lines do not describe anything that can be seen in the world; as I draw them they track my state of mind as it shifts between “concentrating” and “not concentrating”.
I use a straight-edge, which suits my desire for order and talent for creating methodical analyses. Using a straight-edge also removes the requirement of making decisions about the path the line could/should/would take. All there is to concentrate on is the touch of the drawing material, the beginning and ending point of each line, and the spacing between lines – in these activities the concentration task is to achieve consistency in the estimated location and the execution of each line.

At the end, the drawing is a visible record of my humanity- my projection of a desired (ideal) outcome and the impossibility of executing it perfectly.

Intimate Space

‘Space’ is an abstract, disconnected, ‘scientific’ way of thinking about the urban environment.

This vision of the city is illustrated by diagrams showing functional zoning, or traffic flows, or the incidence of crime. The spatial arrangement of the city is manipulated to achieve particular economic or social ends.

This pictorial investigation of space is looking at the intimate in the built/constructed environment, the ‘personalised’ space. This work uses space that both surrounds and is contained by the skeletal structure of the body to examine the relationship between the ideas of the intimate and the constructed space.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

four x f o u r 2007 Honours Painting

ana anderson clare flanagan
michelle heldon agnes tyson
kath cowen emma cummings
rebecca pearson jane sandford

Monday, July 16, 2007

Out of the Earth

Art in Progress & Without Boundaries

This exhibition displays the varied ideas and themes being explored by 3rd year in Ceramics. Each of us approaches form, technique, and technology from a different direction. Each of us with varied backgrounds, influences, and ideas about art.

We would like to share with you some of our work in progress, leading us into the 2nd semester. As Ceramic students we work not only with clay, water, and the technology of controlled fire and oxygen; but also with many different materials, which when combined and altered in different degrees of heat allow us to vary surfaces and effects

Some of us are exploring traditional vessels and altered versions, some are looking at new forms within our imagination that speak about dreams, memories and emotions. Others are interpreting the natural landscape around them and redefining it through their work.

Each of us are experimenting with the technical aspects of the kiln, evolving our designs and learning the details of our technology.In the Ceramic process we are given the gift of surprise but must accept that chance plays a great role within the kilns atmosphere. Although each of us are on our own individual creative path, we would also like to share with you some of our drawings, paintings and mark making: our imaginations journey through all disciplines.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Upcoming Shows 2007

The current dates for the Semester 2 shows in the LSG are:

Art Without Boundaries 3rd Year Ceramics: 16-27 July
Interactions Honours Painting: 30 July- 10 Aug
Scenes of Nature 3rd Year Ceramics/Sculpture: 13-24 Aug
The Intimate Line 3rd Year Sculpture: 27 Aug- 7 Sep
Terrain 3rd Year Sculpture: 10-21 Sep
Wood, Axelson and Oram 3rd Year Photography, Sculpture and Painting: 24 Sep-19 Oct
James Shirlaw 22 Oct- 2 Nov
Erez Ben-Or 19 Nov -

Friday, May 11, 2007

Gemma Young

Base Focus
14 May- June 1

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Keith Climpson

Colour and light

This exhibition represents my artistic journey over the period of one year (2006).

In selecting the works for this show, my intention was not necessarily to put together a coherent body of work, but more to demonstrate the range of possibilities and ideas an artist can discover by working within a restricted set of parameters.
My year began with a desire to investigate ideas of surface and the issue of painting vs object, but soon I found myself floundering under a sea of too much paint, too much colour and too many materials. So I made a decision to discard paint and colour altogether and to restrict myself to a limited range of materials.
By taking this step and by initially only using traditional hand-made gesso on wood, I began to produce works that, upon first glance appeared quite simple. Soon though, they began to force me to address other important questions and issues that I had previously over-looked. I began to consider in more depth; light, reflection, dimensions, how the paintings/objects were positioned or attached, how they talked to each other, surface, time, space, weight, evidence of the artists hand and many other important, yet previously unconsidered, elements.
After many months of working within these parameters, I slowly began to reintroduce colour into my work and also to experiment with other materials such as acetate, paper and spray enamel. The difference being that I was working in a much more controlled, refined and considered manner, using the knowledge and awareness of the previous few months. The resulting works, whilst different in many ways, were now effectively and more importantly ‘speaking the same language’. It is some of these works I have chosen to exhibit here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


collages, assemblages and sculptures by

nathan hawkes
chris horder
steve benwell and
kim fasher

Friday, February 16, 2007

Looking for line

Kate Butcher & Susie Williams
19 February – 9 March 07

In Looking for Line, the artists’ works explore perception of form through line. The concept connects the subjects of landscape, figure and still life, incorporating disciplines of sculpture, painting and the drawn image.
“For us, this exhibition is an opportunity to contemplate our works from the past two years study; reflect on our interests and pose further questions for our continuing involvement in the visual arts.”
Kate Butcher utilises drawing, sculpture and mixed media to reveal the specific relationships between selected media but more importantly the artist and curator. The selection of work is not simply restricted to a date of production or type of media. Kate has selected works based on line, exploring the act of drawing and the art of seeing.
Susie Williams work records a drawn response to human form as it occupies space, using line and mark to deconstruct form into rhythmic elements of composure and movement. These studies aim to expose the form as it undertakes sharp or soft action, tension, twist and poise.

Shots from the exhibition opening: