Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DRAWING IN DIMENSION: Adventures with 2nd Year Sculptors

A selection of drawings from Second Year sculptors’ drawing projects demonstrate methods in which sculptors explore ideas in both two and three dimensions, investigating how line and form could operate in 3-dimensional space.

These works are from 3 projects set in General Drawing 2D (Ivor Fabok, Lecturer).
· Producing a form without looking at it during its making (therefore producing a form based on a conceptual idea of a a particular object); drawing from that form; using drawings and construction to create further transformation.
· Investigating how color can play the role of form, using both 2 and 3-dimensional techniques.
· Constructing the line in 3-dimensional space, such that it dominates any 3-dimensional forms that are used in the construction.

Works were often begun using standard drawing techniques (e.g. collage, photocopy transformation, drawing on paper) and were then expanded into the realm of constructed drawings.

Rhianna Wessels, Tanya Zhivanovich, Kristin Ellstrom, Maran Clark, Hildreth Potts, Matthew Becka, Michaela Sawtell, Amanda Coulston, Gini Vicerina, Ochre Lawson, Tyra Fraser, Jake Karnet, Anne Marie Taberdo, Petrina Duffy.