Tuesday, July 11, 2006

James Shirlaw

This is an exhibition of studies, exploring numerous themes such as the imagery of poets, the technical process of etching and woodcut, and the surrealism of the human figure. The show also brings together studies built strongly on colour or investigations into forms using collage.
The title of my show deals with a shrinking occupation of materials in my work, an interest in the creation of an image solely from a beam of light. Specifically the title relates to how photography can simplify art making to a creation of chemicals over a picture already made, then how this relates to working from memory at the easel.
The motivation for the processes and studies in the show, is from undertaking core subjects in both theory and practical at N.A.S. and from independent research. Recently the attraction towards performance art has triggered a use of non existent sculpture as a bridge between the physicality of art history and ‘the heavens’ of intangible performance and site specific art.
I’m trying to explore our physical condition as one always shadowed by an enormous primal truth that divides science and materialism from faith. We are deciding hundreds of times a day whether to resort to faith or solution, neither with the promise we board a stronger vessel than the one we exist in.

The Beginning of The End : the sculptors trek to Hill End

Works by Dale Miles, David May, Bernadette Jones, Kate Stehr, Ochre Lawson, Corrie Kelly, Jake Klarnet, Anne Marie Taberdo, Gini Vecerrina, Mick Marris, John Ramsey, Michaela Sawtell, Amanda Coulston, Hildreth Potts, and Emily Harris.