Friday, June 30, 2006

Twixt the Sheets

2nd Annual Artist Book exhibition

Thursday, June 29, 2006

National Art School Drawing Week

Drawings by Michelle Heldon, Jessica Davison, Anne Marie Taberdo, Andrew Orme Smith, Monica Clonda, Delia Villiellu, Laura Hindes, Megan Warton, Rose Gilby, Genevieve Harnet, Adel Medjanic, Ivan Goodacre, Jude Fleming, Rosemary Higgs, Emma Cummings and Tara Ubaldi.

Honours Photography in the Library Stairwell Gallery

Works by Joan Cameron-Smith, Emily Stevens and Tamzin Jordin

Rudy Kistler

Rudy Kistler is a graduate of the School of the Arts Institute of Chigao, U.S.A., and is currently studying for his MFA in Painting as an international student at the National Art School, expecting to graduate in 2007.
All drawings included in this exhibition were done by direct observation, and the artists shudders at even the thought of using photography as an agent.
Rudy's collection is the first to be exhibited int he new Library gallery space : a space dedicated to the showing of NAS student work.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Library Stairwell Gallery at the National Art School

What you need to know to exhibit :
The Library Stairwell Gallery aims to offer a public showcase for National Art School student work and opportunities for full-time enrolled students to gain exhibition experience.

The Gallery runs a programme of staff- and student-proposed group and individual exhibitions. Participants are selected by a committee comprising staff and students. The exhibition programme is finalised one semester in advance. Students need to be enrolled for the semester in which they propose to exhibit.

Submissions are welcomed from academic staff wishing to curate and students wishing to curate or exhibit in individual or group exhibitions. To ensure the most benefit to the most students, priority may be given to group exhibitions. Priority is also likely to be given to proposals that clearly describe the work and that demonstrate work is/will be of educational benefit and of a standard appropriate for public exhibition.

Visual documentation is encouraged as an aid to selection. This could be of the proposed work, if complete or mostly complete; or it could be of past work that indicates what the current studio activity proposed for exhibition will be like when finished. Visual documentation can be submitted as digital files on CD [72 dpi Jpeg format, Mac+PC readable], colour photographs or colour slides. Remember any visual documentation submitted should be a good representation of the work. For example, badly exposed photographs or pixellated files are not helpful.

Proposal writing is covered in the Year 3 Professional Practice programme. It’s recommended that students consult their lecturers for advice when preparing a proposal.