Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Parts of the sum : Aggie Tyson and Jude Fleming

A showcase of the work required for the completion of the BFA degree from the National Art School.
The exhibition includes the best examples of completed works from 1st, 2nd and 3rd years in Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, and Drawing.

Also included are a selection of class notes and essays from Art History to demonstrate how this underpins and informs our practices in all the diciplines.
The exhibit intends to display the high calibre of education offered and the level of committment required to complete the BFA.
The work illustrates the rigor, scope and depth of the course providing a sound foundation for the informed pursuit of our future art practice.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

24 HOUR ARTY PEOPLE : 24 poems by James Shirlaw

This event will be a release night for my poetry collection, as a one night exhibition of the poetry followed by a performance piece that I’ll be executing.
The 25 poems will be handwritten on 25 large individual sheets of paper and exhibited across both levels.
The event will be marked by a performance piece entitled ‘Narcissus’. A large scale self portrait drawing would be hung upstairs depicting myself in a joyful social mood. In turn l will be painted completely in black body paint covered with a black umbrella and seated in one corner acting as the dark angered alter ego who similarly is frozen as the extreme opposite of the happy careless figure in the drawing. The seated figure will keep constant eye contact with the drawing through out the opening and should make no communication with anyone in the room. To incorporate a third party into the performance the seated figure will become progressively drunk through out the evening. The unplanned effects of strong intoxication will act as the humane, sporadic element to the performance as it’s impossible to know the exact outcome.
The body of the performance dealing with two solitary objects relates to my conflicting practices in writing and visual art, both competing for time and quality and perhaps for acceptance and exposure as an art student.
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Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Birth of Shadows

see Flickr set here

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Erez Ben-Or

I am interested in how self portraiture can be used to reveal an inner psychology. My self portraits are digitally manipulated to convey the two-dimensional plane of a picture as two levels of reality, one behind the other, to suggest simultaneous parallel worlds or reality. My work references Jeff Wall and Ingmar Bergman in how they both explore psychological states through cropping, body language, composition and lighting.
Each of my images contains multiple self portraits that appear to interact with each other; revealing a narrative of inner conflict experienced in domestic situations. The mood of these portraits is invoked through subdued colour and luminosity.

Staging the Self

Self portraiture in third year painting.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DRAWING IN DIMENSION: Adventures with 2nd Year Sculptors

A selection of drawings from Second Year sculptors’ drawing projects demonstrate methods in which sculptors explore ideas in both two and three dimensions, investigating how line and form could operate in 3-dimensional space.

These works are from 3 projects set in General Drawing 2D (Ivor Fabok, Lecturer).
· Producing a form without looking at it during its making (therefore producing a form based on a conceptual idea of a a particular object); drawing from that form; using drawings and construction to create further transformation.
· Investigating how color can play the role of form, using both 2 and 3-dimensional techniques.
· Constructing the line in 3-dimensional space, such that it dominates any 3-dimensional forms that are used in the construction.

Works were often begun using standard drawing techniques (e.g. collage, photocopy transformation, drawing on paper) and were then expanded into the realm of constructed drawings.

Rhianna Wessels, Tanya Zhivanovich, Kristin Ellstrom, Maran Clark, Hildreth Potts, Matthew Becka, Michaela Sawtell, Amanda Coulston, Gini Vicerina, Ochre Lawson, Tyra Fraser, Jake Karnet, Anne Marie Taberdo, Petrina Duffy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Huey Ling Teo


JL Fetch

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Emma Thomson

7 August-18 August 2006

For this series of work I explored the relationships of my parents, their friends as well as my own relationship. I am particularly interested in the way couples interact and behave with each other. After spending some time with them, I started to notice that sometimes they unconsciously imitate each other’s actions, developing gestures and mannerisms of one another’s personality. After witnessing their daily routines, I directed a scene that I felt captured the nature of their relationship to form a narrative. I aimed to encapsulate these couple’s cultural values that express their dreams and desires as well as their everyday routines. I have also selected particular details of interiors within their houses to reflect the psychological state of their relationship. The photographic work of Tina Barney, Diane Arbus, Anne Zahalka, Julie Mack, Martin Parr have all inspired me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jessica Alexander-Head

Exploring the figure through drawing
This series of works are images of my own body, the sensations I feel within my body I land onto the surface to create an autobiography exploring and expressing the internal world of my body. The drawings question line, tone or markings and how much is necessary to explore and describe the subject of the internal.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

James Shirlaw

This is an exhibition of studies, exploring numerous themes such as the imagery of poets, the technical process of etching and woodcut, and the surrealism of the human figure. The show also brings together studies built strongly on colour or investigations into forms using collage.
The title of my show deals with a shrinking occupation of materials in my work, an interest in the creation of an image solely from a beam of light. Specifically the title relates to how photography can simplify art making to a creation of chemicals over a picture already made, then how this relates to working from memory at the easel.
The motivation for the processes and studies in the show, is from undertaking core subjects in both theory and practical at N.A.S. and from independent research. Recently the attraction towards performance art has triggered a use of non existent sculpture as a bridge between the physicality of art history and ‘the heavens’ of intangible performance and site specific art.
I’m trying to explore our physical condition as one always shadowed by an enormous primal truth that divides science and materialism from faith. We are deciding hundreds of times a day whether to resort to faith or solution, neither with the promise we board a stronger vessel than the one we exist in.

The Beginning of The End : the sculptors trek to Hill End

Works by Dale Miles, David May, Bernadette Jones, Kate Stehr, Ochre Lawson, Corrie Kelly, Jake Klarnet, Anne Marie Taberdo, Gini Vecerrina, Mick Marris, John Ramsey, Michaela Sawtell, Amanda Coulston, Hildreth Potts, and Emily Harris.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Twixt the Sheets

2nd Annual Artist Book exhibition

Thursday, June 29, 2006

National Art School Drawing Week

Drawings by Michelle Heldon, Jessica Davison, Anne Marie Taberdo, Andrew Orme Smith, Monica Clonda, Delia Villiellu, Laura Hindes, Megan Warton, Rose Gilby, Genevieve Harnet, Adel Medjanic, Ivan Goodacre, Jude Fleming, Rosemary Higgs, Emma Cummings and Tara Ubaldi.

Honours Photography in the Library Stairwell Gallery

Works by Joan Cameron-Smith, Emily Stevens and Tamzin Jordin

Rudy Kistler

Rudy Kistler is a graduate of the School of the Arts Institute of Chigao, U.S.A., and is currently studying for his MFA in Painting as an international student at the National Art School, expecting to graduate in 2007.
All drawings included in this exhibition were done by direct observation, and the artists shudders at even the thought of using photography as an agent.
Rudy's collection is the first to be exhibited int he new Library gallery space : a space dedicated to the showing of NAS student work.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Library Stairwell Gallery at the National Art School

What you need to know to exhibit :
The Library Stairwell Gallery aims to offer a public showcase for National Art School student work and opportunities for full-time enrolled students to gain exhibition experience.

The Gallery runs a programme of staff- and student-proposed group and individual exhibitions. Participants are selected by a committee comprising staff and students. The exhibition programme is finalised one semester in advance. Students need to be enrolled for the semester in which they propose to exhibit.

Submissions are welcomed from academic staff wishing to curate and students wishing to curate or exhibit in individual or group exhibitions. To ensure the most benefit to the most students, priority may be given to group exhibitions. Priority is also likely to be given to proposals that clearly describe the work and that demonstrate work is/will be of educational benefit and of a standard appropriate for public exhibition.

Visual documentation is encouraged as an aid to selection. This could be of the proposed work, if complete or mostly complete; or it could be of past work that indicates what the current studio activity proposed for exhibition will be like when finished. Visual documentation can be submitted as digital files on CD [72 dpi Jpeg format, Mac+PC readable], colour photographs or colour slides. Remember any visual documentation submitted should be a good representation of the work. For example, badly exposed photographs or pixellated files are not helpful.

Proposal writing is covered in the Year 3 Professional Practice programme. It’s recommended that students consult their lecturers for advice when preparing a proposal.